Process overview

The University has established a Nominating Committee to undertake the task of recommending the next Vice-Chancellor.

The membership of the Nominating Committee is: 


Lord Chris Patten, Chancellor of the University of Oxford


Dr Huw Dorkins
Professor Nandini Gooptu
Mr Charles Harman
Professor Sam Howison
Professor Martin Maiden
Professor Melinda Mills
Professor James Naismith
Dr Maheshi Ramasamy
Baroness Jan Royall
Professor Gavin Screaton
Professor Julia Smith
Dr Sam Wolfe
Mr Miles Young

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The Nominating Committee began the process of consulting with the University of Oxford during the course of August and September, with consultations to continue into October. The process to begin to identify candidates is underway and applications will be being sought during November and December. It is anticipated that the Committee will begin to consider the field of candidates during the early part of 2022, and it is intended that a shortlist will be identified, and formal interviews will begin, in the spring of 2022.